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Our 50th reunion (yes, gang, we ARE that old!) was held on Friday night, September 21 and Saturday, September 22, 2012.

We had our traditional "Meet and Greet" on Friday evening, September 21 at Bahama Breeze, and then on Saturday morning, we had
the traditional get-together and photo on the High School Senior Steps at "THE" Las Vegas High on Saturday morning. The photo is above -- click on the photo if you want a high-resolution version (most of the nametags are even readable!). If you are having trouble identifying some of the people in the picture, the list of names, arranged by row number, is available here. After the photo on the Senior Steps, a bunch of us had lunch at Tony Roma's, 620 East Sahara, and a good time was had by all.

Then, on Saturday evening, we had our "gala event" - dinner and socializing at the Las Vegas Country Club, behind the "International Hotel" (well, I guess it was the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel for a couple years now - but now, they call the place the "Las Vegas Hotel"!). Pictures taken at the gala are available on a Picasa site - go HERE and take a look! Pictures from Saturday morning on "The Steps" can be found HERE, and Friday night's "Meet and Greet" pictures are HERE. If you are a member of our Yahoo e-mail group, you should have received the link to the Gala pictures on November 20. The Yahoo e-mail group is for intercommunication amongst our class members -- if you want to be on that list, drop a note to Dale Porray, our "webbie", at "dale - at - lvhs62.org" (convert that to a "regular" e-mail address!).

If you are still in the Las Vegas area (as quite a few of us are), we get together on a"monthly-or-so" basis - quite often for a lunch at a local restaurant, sometimes at the home of one of our members -- if you're interested, let Jeannie Chambers Tumbleson know - address below.

We are missing some of our members - take a look here and see if you can provide information on any of them, and let Jeannie Chambers Tumbleson know at "jeannie -at- lvhs62.org" (again, convert to a "regular" e-mail address!).

Other things you will find here are:

Home Room - this page

Reunion - with information about several areas:
     Reunion schedule of activities
     A list of who's planning to attend

Golden Grads - We had a nice luncheon, we marched with the class, and, above all, we had fun! Pictures (courtesy of Ron Clawson) are now available!

Stray Cats - the "missing" list

In Memoriam - members of our class who have reported to that great "study hall in the sky"

Memory Lane - dedicated to memorabilia of all sorts - pictures (send them to Jeannie at the above address), memories, pictures of pins or your old Pep Club sweater
     If you'd like a humorous look at what our fiftieth will be like, take a peek HERE!

===>>"Passing Notes" ... we now have a "forum" up and running, for passing notes back and forth - it's at http://www.lvhs62.org/forum ... take a look, register (registration notes are in the forum) and participate!

"The Desert Breeze" has news items of interest, both current and ... well, from the past!

There's a whole page of Pep Club memorabilia HERE!

History 101 - the history of Las Vegas High School

The Totem Pole - contact information for classmates (limited to information submitted by YOU, the classmates)

The Echo - we're working on having the entire yearbook available as a PDF file

Donations -- a listing of those who have helped in advance to make sure that our 50th is a success ...
Contact Jeannie if you'd like to see your name on the list!



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