Historical (or maybe hysterical) items of interest

Does anyone remember sitting on Santa's lap holding a "Big Bogie"?

Fishing Season opened Monday, January 8 ...

Get to the reunion any way you can ... here's an example!

Can you say "Lederhosen"?

A sixth birthday party!

If you were a member of the Pep Club, this page will bring back memories!

What classmates (girl and boy) received awards for perfect attendance all four years?
See the pin here ... discuss on the forum!

Who sang "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" at either the first or second grade Christmas play
at Fifth Street School? Discuss on the forum!

Which two classmates climbed to the top of Atlatl Rock in the Valley of Fire
at about age 12, and are probably still shuddering? Discuss on the forum!

Gladiators! Who and When?


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