Golden Grads

Hi Golden Grads!

We were invited by the principal and the 2012 graduating class of LVHS to have lunch (at the school) and walk with them and sit with them at their commencement in June, as "Golden Grads" - a tradition first started in 1985.

After the luncheon at the school, we had a chance to see all our trophies, memorabilia going back to the 1940's, replicas of all the senior squares, a great lunch hosted by the principal and the cheerleaders and reminisce with former classmates.

For the commencement the next day we wore a golden robe and cap - the cap we got to keep as a memento, but they wanted the gown back. We walked in with the class of 2012 and we were introduced individually, by name, after the introductions of the dignitaries on the podium.

Courtesy of Ron Clawson, here are pictures - you can discuss them - or ask for names - on the forum - just click on "quick reply" under the existing post(s). Enjoy!

(And the band marched on ...)

(Girls - in red - came down the near side of the field - boys marched around the far side,
and they joined up at the right - south - end and marched in together.
The "Golden Grads" followed the girls, to balance out the groups.)

(And here we come ...)

(Grads in white robes are honors graduates)

(And away we go!)

(We marched in in alphabetical order)

(and more)

(and more)

(and more)

(got "bunched up" here, waiting for the girl/guy teams to form where the groups met)

(Here we are, seated behind the girls - they had programs and bottles of water on each chair for us)

(standing for introduction)

(And it's all over!)

(Lots of memories)

(There's a "pair to draw to"!)

(Always the class clown!)

(You better not take that picture)!

(Friends forever)

(That's all, folks!)

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